The Southwestern Vermont Council on Aging provides case management for elders (60 years and older) living at home who are at risk of losing their independence without additional support systems. Among other things, Case Managers arrange for and oversee care plans for clients who qualify for services under the Medicaid Waiver Choices for Care program and the Veteran’s Independence Program. They also help solve problems related to Social Security and Medicare, assist clients in applying for public benefits, assist in finding aides and housekeepers, help with completing housing applications, and apply for private funding for special needs as resources permit.


Who are Case Managers?

Case Managers are trained professionals who:

  • Support and respect elders’ rights to make their own life choices
  • Provide confidential personalized assistance to help elders achieve maximum independence
  • Help elders to understand and access available programs and services


How can Case Managers help?

A Case Manager will meet with an elder privately in the elder’s home or at another location and:

  • Assess the elder’s situation
  • Work with the elder to identify needs and talk about possible services available to address those needs
  • If the elder desires, link him or her with appropriate services
  • Coordinate and monitor services as necessary
  • Provide information and assistance to caregivers who are assisting elders


Senior Helpline 1.800.642.5119