Money Management Program

Southwestern Vermont Council on Aging’s (SVCOA) money management program will partner trained bill payer volunteers with low income clients who have trouble managing their financial affairs. The first meeting will consist of the bill payer and client working together on a budget.  Monthly, the trained volunteer will organize bills, write checks, and assist in sending payments out in the mail, as well as reconciling the checkbook. All volunteers have passed required background checks, and are fully insured.


Representative Payee Program

Our Representative Payee program has been approved by the Social Security Administration as well as the VT Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living.  The primary role of SVCOA is to administer benefits for a beneficiary, who, due to mental or physical impairment, which is confirmed by a medical provider, is unable to receive and manage the benefits for themselves.  The goal of SVCOA’s Representative Payee program is to provide immediate financial stability, and over time, a greater sense of financial security and well-being for the client.  Beneficiaries involved in the SVCOA Rep Payee program are ensured that financial needs of food, shelter, clothing and medical care are met while the beneficiary is remaining independent and in the community.


Senior Helpline 1.800.642.5119