Nutrition Counseling:

A Registered Dietitian is available to provide one-on-one nutritional counseling for our clients who are at high nutritional risk. Clients may receive counseling at home or by telephone. Our dietician will assess needs and develop an appropriate dietary program. To learn more about nutrition counseling, call our Senior HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119.

Meals on Wheels:

Meals on Wheels are delivered by community volunteers five days a week in the majority of the communities we serve. A hot nutritious meal is provided that includes protein, vegetables, milk, juice, bread, and fruit. We also provide frozen meals to communities that we can’t serve every day.

The visit by the volunteer is just as vitally important as the healthy meal. Volunteers bring bright smiles and friendly greetings to make sure seniors are safe.

Community Meals:

Socializing with friends or making new ones always makes mealtime more enjoyable. Our meal sites offer conversation and companionship along with a hot, nutritious meal. Often speakers and other activities are scheduled around mealtimes.

Click Here for a complete list of MEAL SITES

Rutland City Mayor Delivers Meals on Wheel


Senior Helpline 1.800.642.5119