Confused about Health Insurance?

SVCOA offers free, confidential health insurance counseling to current or potential Medicare beneficiaries through the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP). There are five SHIP Coordinators employed throughout the state to assist older adults. This unique program utilizes the skill of dedicated volunteer counselors who have been trained to help seniors, young disabled, and their families resolve complicated insurance issues.

Our counselors resolve insurance confusion in the following programs:

• Medicare, including Medicare D Pharmaceutical Assistance, Medicaid, Medigap Supplemental Insurance
• Managed Care & Long Term Care
• Durable Medical Equipment
• VPharm, VScript and VHAP-Pharmacy (Vermont’s prescription drug coverage programs)

We can help you with…

• Sorting out confusing medical bills and statements
• Questions about Medicare, Medicare D, Medicaid, or other health insurance coverage
• Filing health benefits claims or appealing denial of coverage
• Identifying and correcting claim errors

To learn more about the State Health Insurance Program, please call our Senior HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119 or email us at


Senior Helpline 1.800.642.5119