M any studies have shown that people who spend time volunteering are not only helping others but leading longer and healthier lives as well. As little as one hour a week could make the world of difference in a senior’s life.

SVCOA currently has a variety of different volunteering opportunities which include:

  • SHIP (health insurance counseling including Medicare D)
  • Meal Drivers
  • Money Management Program volunteers
  • Event (Group Project) Volunteering
  • Case Management Assistance
  • Office/internship opportunities
  • Friendly Visitor Program

Please refer to SVCOA’s Volunteer Manual for more information on our volunteer opportunities.

To learn how to become a volunteer with SVCOA, please contact the Council’s Volunteer Coordinator at 1-802-786-5990 for more information or fill out the ‘Volunteer Information Form’ under ‘Forms’.


Senior Helpline 1.800.642.5119