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SVCOA Administrative Assistants: Always There To Help

"As SVCOA administrative assistants, we answer phones (of course) and either help the client ourselves or forward them along to the person that can. We greet clients that come into the office (except when the office is closed during the pandemic); we are the first line of information for walk-ins and phone calls. We both do the monthly Medicaid Waiver billing for the Bennington and Rutland clients, and make sure our offices are stocked with the necessary supplies as well as forms from the state as well as CFC and Mod Needs packets. We also keep up with the maintenance of the office machines. We distribute the incoming mail, log checks for SVCOA and MOW and generally help wherever we can. In Rutland, Annmarie does the MOW intakes for Bennington and Rutland County and welcome packets as well."

Bridget Free, Bennington: I moved to Vermont from CT in 2015 and started working for SVCOA when my son was 6 months old. I have been with the agency now for 4 years.

I am very grateful that the agency kept everyone working full time and shifted to a work from home system. It has personally worked out well for me since I have a 5-year-old, and with the schools being so on and off it has helped tremendously. Not much else has changed; my work duties are the same. Luckily, I live close to the office so I’m able to go by and get the mail every day.

Honestly what kept me sane working from home was being able to send my son to summer camp. Luckily the school he goes to remained open pretty much right along with only a couple of closures here and there!

Annmarie Fiske, Rutland: I was born and raised in Vermont (although one would never know it as my favorite weather is 90 degrees or warmer.) I worked at RRMC for 27 years in the outpatient surgery unit and have been working part time at SVCOA for 5 ½ years. I feel that our job as Administrative Assistant is important to the Agency. A part of what we do affects every employee and client in some aspect.

During the pandemic I have adjusted to being home and quickly learned that with fewer interruptions certain aspects of my job are much easier to do at home. I have been working two days per week at the office as well which enables me to take care of tasks that I cannot do from home.

What has kept me sane during the pandemic has been seeing my dog Ruby’s sweet little face staring at me when I am working. What I have missed is traveling and being able to see my family.