What is 3SquaresVT?

SNAP is known in Vermont as 3SquaresVT. It is a nutrition program that gives people money each month to buy food at grocery and convenience stores, co-ops, and farmers markets. The money is automatically loaded onto an EBT card that is sent in the mail if a person is approved. The card looks and works just like a debit card. Everyone has been hit hard by this pandemic and seeking additional support in programs like 3SquaresVT can help ease some financial stress. 3SquaresVT may make it easier to afford rent, utilities, or childcare. The best way to know if you’re eligible is to apply.

Not enrolled in 3SquarestVT?

Call the HelpLine at 1-800-642-5119. We are happy to provide you with information or application assistance! You may be eligible, and not even know it.